The inaugural edition of the ECM was conducted in 2007. A main focus were upcoming new sub-disciplines as well as new communication channels and instruments. A particular section asked for campaigns and their economic impact. The first European Communication Monitor 2007 is based on responses from 1,087 communication professionals in 22 European countries. Detailed analyses for the largest study on strategic communication and public relations worldwide are available for different types of organisations (departments and agencies).

Key insights

  • Trends: corporate communication expected to become the most important sub-discipline until 2010 and stronger than marketing communications
  • Communication channels and instruments: media relations loose ground, online is taking over
  • Campaigns: only every third professional measures economic impact
  • Respondents expect an average 14% growth of budgets and new jobs

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Background and credits

Research team

Ansgar Zerfass, University of Leipzig (GE) – Lead Researcher;
Betteke van Ruler, University of Amsterdam (NL); Adela Rogojinaru, University of Bucharest (RO); Dejan Vercic, University of Llubljana (SI);
Sven Hamrefors, Mälardalen University (SE)

Organisers and partners

The ECM 2007 was organised by the European Public Relations Education and Research Association (EUPRERA) and the University of Leipzig, supported by sponsor Hugin.