The European Communication Monitor research is the longest running academic study in the field of strategic communication and public relations worldwide. It has developed outputs that have been used by both the scholary community and most importantly by practice to generate change and impact. The work has:
  • developed an excellence framework for identifying and developing drivers of good practices in communications
  • developed and implemented a competency model that can be used directly by practitioners
  • provided an online tool that is used directly by practitioners to assess performance and competency gaps
  • empirically assessed and researched practices across more than 40 countries over 15 years
  • build the body of knowledge in research as well, as shown by over 60 academic journal publications
  • provided evidence for delivering the concepts and insights to professional associations across the continent
  • provided evidence for influencing academic and further education worldwide through the use of data in textbooks
  • compiling ready-to-use annual reports and a book aimed at communication leaders in 5 languages
  • inspired follow-up projects e.g. the ECOPSI competency framework funded by the European Union