There are plenty of chances to get exclusive insights into findings of the European Communication Monitor and its affiliated global surveys in the spring of 2018. The research team will present at major professional and academic conferences throughout Europe. We are looking forward to meet communication leaders and peers to discuss – don’t miss the chance to join the debate!

Ángeles Moreno has delivered a keynote address “Tendencias ineludibles y gaps de competencias en la profesión de relaciones públicas” at the 23th International PR research congress organised by the Asociación de Investigadores de Relaciones Públicas (AIRP) in Gerona, Spain, in April 2018. Dejan Verčič will present a keynote Authenticity and particularity of public relations in Europe at the conference “Diverse Voices: Authentic Communication, Dialogue, Trust, and Society”, jointly organised by the Public Relations Society of China and the European Public Relations Education and Research Association in Prague in May 2018.

Prague, Czech Republic

An additional paper presented at this conference will specifically compare results from the Asia-Pacific, Latin-American and European monitor studies. The title is Missed Opportunities? The Rise of Social Media and the Lack of Dialogic Competencies Across Three Continents, and it will be presented by May O. Lwin, Ana Adi, Jim Macnamara, Ralph Tench, Ángeles Moreno, and Ansgar Zerfass.

This event will be staged just prior to this year’s most important gathering of communications scholars worldwide: the International Communication Association 2018 Congress, which will be attended by more than 3,000 scholars from all continents. The ICA congress in Prague will feature a paper about Big Data and Automation: Challenges and Opportunities for Communication Management – A Comparative Study Between European and Latin American Professionals, authored by Ángeles Moreno, Markus Wiesenberg, Sahara Kochhar, Ansgar Zerfass and Cristina Fuentes.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

The 25th anniversary of the Bledcom International Public Relations Symposium in the stunning surroundings of Lake Bled will attract communication leaders and scholars from all over the world to Slovenia in early July 2018. Delegates will have the chance to learn about first results of the 2018 ECM study. Ansgar Zerfass, Dejan Verčič, Ángeles Moreno, Piet Verhoeven and Ralph Tench will talk about Fake news and the crisis of public communication: How organizations are affected by false information and prepared to handle it. Moreover, Markus Wiesenberg and Ralph Tench intend to stimulate a debate about Computational Propaganda and Social Bots – An Old Dog with New Tricks with a research paper based on last year’s monitor data.

A date and place not to be missed is June 13th, 2018, in Berlin. Results of the European Communication Monitor 2018 will be launched at the European Communication Summit 2018 on that day. After a decade in Brussels, the flagship event will be staged in the German capital. It brings together more than 600 cross-industry leaders and communications experts to discuss trust, technology and empowerment within the industry.

Radialsystem V, Berlin, Germany

The session European Communication Monitor 2018: How information providing creates corporate value features a case study presented by a major global company and study results presented by Ángeles Moreno and Dejan Verčič. Piet Verhoeven will moderate the Q&A session and invite participants to share their own experiences: In a disruptive world, insights about public opinion, stakeholders and upcoming topics are indispensable for top management. Excellent communication departments deliver these information through daily news briefings, media monitoring, survey results, and other reports like scenarios or benchmarks. How can this be done in real-time on a global scale? What is necessary to make such information meaningful for executives and internal business partners? And how are communicators across Europe prepared to deal with fake news that challenge reputation and trust in their brands, leaders and organizations?