A collaborative research initiative across five continents

The Global Communication Monitor series is the largest and only truly global study of strategic communication, public relations, corporate communications and communication management practices. More than 6,000 communication professionals in over 80 countries are surveyed in each wave of the study.

Advanced survey instruments based on the academic body of knowledge, a strict selection of respondents, and elaborated data evaluation distinguish this research from other studies in the field. Insights are not only used to inform the profession, but they are also shared in numerous academic journal publications accepted in strict peer-review processes.

Four connected studies are conducted as collaborative non-profit projects of leading universities, professional associations and foundations in the field. More information is available on the individual websites:

The European Communication Monitor is a non-profit endeavor made possible through an enormous commitment of researchers from 28 renowned universities across the continent, professional associations, and partners/sponsors who provide valuable resources.

The research team and national research collaborators (professors) from the ECM network are available for interviews and presentations in academic and professional settings. All results are provided for personal and academic purposes only. Due to privacy policies, raw data is not available. Presentations for professional and in-house purposes require extra efforts which have to be negotiated. EACD members are encouraged to contact the EACD coordination team when interested in organising regional presentations, workshops, etc.

The European Communication Monitor contacts are listed below.



National Partners

National partners support the overall ECM project as sponsors. They work closely with national research collaborators (see below) to support data collection and spread country-specific insights, especially through additional analyses, events and reports in national languages.

Dr. Ansgar Zerfass is Professor and Chair of Strategic Communication at the Leipzig University, Germany, and Professor of Communication and Leadership at BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo. He serves as Editor of the International Journal of Strategic Communication (Routledge, USA) and Member of the Board of the International Communication Association (ICA). His academic background is both in business and communications (doctorate, habilitation) and he worked in the corporate world for more than ten years. Ansgar Zerfass has published 40 books and more than 400 articles/studies and received numerous awards, i.e. the Pathfinder Award by the Institute for Public Relations, USA. He has initiated the Global Communication Monitor series in 2007 and is a core researcher for the European, Asia-Pacific and North American studies.

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ECM European Communication Monitor Dr. Ralph TenchDr. Ralph Tench is Professor of Communication and Director of Research for 150 academics at Leeds Business School, Leeds Beckett University, United Kingdom. He is President of the European Public Relations Education and Research Association (EUPRERA), Brussels. Ralph Tench’s research involves national and international funded projects from the EU, Public Health England, the National Health Service and research councils. He has written and edited 26 books; published over 30 academic journal papers; presented worldwide more than 60 peer reviewed papers. His books include the internationally market leading textbook, Exploring Public Relations, in its 12th year and fourth edition, and recently Communication Excellence – How to Develop, Manage and Lead Exceptional Communications, with colleagues from the European Communication Monitor project.

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ECM European Communication Monitor Dr. Dejan Vercic

Dr. Dejan Verčič is Professor of Public Relations at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, where he heads the Centre for Marketing and Public Relations. He holds a Ph.D. from the London School of Economics and Political Science and was a Fulbright scholar at San Diego State University, USA. Dejan Verčič has published 12 books and written more than 300 articles, book chapters, reviews, and conference papers. He was awarded the Alan Campbell-Johnson Medal by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations in the United Kingdom. Since 1994, he organises the annual BledCom International Public Relations Research Symposium.

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Alexander Buhmann, Ph.D., is associate professor of corporate communication at BI Norwegian Business School and director of The Nordic Alliance for Communication & Management (NORA), an international and cross-disciplinary research group focusing on communication as a strategic driver of sustainable organizational performance. Alexander’s research is situated at the intersection of communication, digital technology, and management. Specifically, his current interests evolve around reputation management, digitalization, and the accountability and governance of artificial intelligence.

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ECM European Communication Monitor Dr. Angeles Moreno

Dr. Angeles Moreno is Titular Professor of Public Relations and Communication Management at the University Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain, where she has served as director of diverse postgraduate programs in Communication Management. She is Executive Director of the European Public Relations Education and Research Association, Brussels, and lead researcher of the Latin American Communication Monitor. Angeles Moreno has published extensively internationally (13 books and approx. 50 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters along with many professional publications). Her research has been awarded by the International Communication Association, EUPRERA and the Public Relations Society of America.

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Jens Hagelstein, M.A., is project manager for the European Communication Monitor since 2018 and works as a research associate at the Leipzig University, Germany, with Prof. Dr. Ansgar Zerfass.
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Dr. Ronny Fechner works as a statistical consultant for the ECM since 2010. He graduated in communication science at the Leipzig University, Germany, and received his doctorate from the same university. His research is focused on the interrelationship between media relations and journalism. He works for business and academia as a freelance communication researcher.
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National contacts

Enquiries for interviews and presentations in national languages or additional analyses in key countries should be directed to the national research collaborators listed below. These academics within the ECM network represent the leading research universities in public relations and strategic communication on the continent.

Austria Prof. Dr. Sabine Einwiller University of Vienna » E-Mail
Belgium Prof. Dr. Sandrine Roginsky University Catholique de Louvain » E-Mail
Belgium Dr. Anne-Marie Cotton Artevelde University of Applied Sciences » E-Mail
Bosnia and Herzegovina Prof. Dr. Nino Coric University of Mostar » E-Mail
Bulgaria Prof. Dr. Milko Petrov Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski » E-Mail
Croatia Prof. Dr. Ana Tkalac Verčič University of Zagreb » E-Mail
Czech Republic Dr. Denisa Hejlova Charles University Prague » E-Mail
Denmark Prof. Finn Frandsen Aarhus University » E-Mail
Finland Prof. Dr. Vilma Luoma-aho University of Jyväskylä » E-Mail
France Prof. Dr. Valerié Carayol University Michel de Montaigne Bordeaux 3 » E-Mail
Germany Prof. Dr. Ansgar Zerfass Leipzig University » E-Mail
Greece Dr. Clio Kenterelidou Aristotle University of Thessaloniki » E-Mail
Ireland Dr. Kevin Hora Technological University Dublin » E-Mail
Italy Assoc. Prof. Dr. Stefania Romenti Centro per la Comunicazione Strategica » E-Mail
Lithuania Assoc. Prof. Mariana Sueldo ISM University of Management and Economics » E-Mail
Netherlands Prof. Dr. Christian Burgers University of Amsterdam
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
» E-Mail
Norway Prof. Dr. Oyvind Ihlen University of Oslo » E-Mail
Poland Assoc. Prof. Dr. Waldemar Rydzak Poznan University of Economics » E-Mail
Portugal Prof. Dr. Sonia Sebastiao ISCSP and CAPP (University of Lisbon) » E-Mail
Romania Prof. Dr. Alexandra Craciun University of Bucharest » E-Mail
Prof. Dr. Marina Shilina
Plekhanov Russia University of Economics » E-Mail
Serbia Assoc. Prof. Dr. Danijela Lalic University of Novi Sad » E-Mail
Slovenia Prof. Dr. Dejan Verčič University of Llubljana » E-Mail
Spain Prof. Dr. Angeles Moreno University Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid » E-Mail
Sweden Prof. Dr. Jesper Falkheimer Lund University, Campus Helsingborg » E-Mail
Switzerland Prof. Dr. Ansgar Zerfass Leipzig University » E-Mail
Turkey Prof. Dr. Ayla Okay Istanbul University » E-Mail
United Kingdom Prof. Dr. Ralph Tench Leeds Beckett University » E-Mail